a r t i s t.

  Born in 1989 in Jena, Germany, my parents took me to Berlin at the age of two months, sticking to the eastern parts of the city.

Initiated by my brother, I started spray painting at the age of 13 and literally didn´t stop for almost 10 years. As time passed by, graffiti, street art and drawing in general became major priorities in my life.

However, after a year of travelling, illegal graffiti didn´t seem to offer the goals I aimed for anymore. I started studying architecture in 2012 and got offered a two-year position by my art-professor at university, assisting other students with drawing and occasionally organising own courses. While constantly learning about perspective, contrast and shape, I eventually found myself lost in deep passion for any simple or complex solid.

W O R K.

Considering geometrical shapes as tending to transform, my work is highly focused on revealing volumes ´under the surface´ or those, that are willing to emerge from platonic solids. While early pieces had always been strongly connected to the simplicity of these shapes, the confrontation with a possible tale of an geometrical improvement of simple volumes has recently caught my full attention. 

Throughout preceding studies, also related to work in the fields of architecture and philosophy, some objects are being developed from far and seemingly incoherent origins. However, it always contains the same basic idea of tracking down each solid´s potential. 


e x h i b i t i o n s.

2017 // Solo Exhibition at HERMANN´S BERLIN, Torstraße 116-118, Berlin

2018 // Group Show w/ Gunhildur Hauksdottir at HOSEK CONTEMPORARY, MS Heimatland, Berlin